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Morgiana Kicks into Death Battle!

Name: Morgiana

Age: 19

Height: 5'4 (164cm)

Weight: 51kg/112lbs

AKA: Morg

Series: Magi

Occupation: Household Member of Alibaba Saluja and Amon, Former Slave, Former Caravan Worker.

Species: Fanalis.

First Appearance: Night 4 (Manga) Episode 1 (Anime)

Character Theme: "Fanarisu"…

Bio: Born in the Dark Continent, little of Morgiana's past before she became a slave is known. At a young age, Morgiana was sold as a slave to Jamil, an abusive sociopathic prince who abused her until she had both pure fear of him and the beginning stages of Stockholm Syndrome. She was set free by Alibaba and Aladdin, and became their friend and ally.



-As a Fanalis, Morgiana is much stronger than an average human
--can lift massive objects, carry seven people with ease and walk while carrying massive amounts of weights.

--Can also oneshot massive monsters in including Koen Empire War Beasts and wild animals.

                                     Speed and Agility.

-As a Fanalis, Morgiana is also much faster than the average human.
--can speedblitz regular human and animals, dodge lightning and ice magic, run up a wall, and other feats of speed.

--can also jump hundreds of feet in the air, leap from building to building while carrying Alibaba, and change her momentum in mid-air.


-Morgiana is the most durable of the main trio.
--can tank attacks from Dungeon beasts, survive being hit with gravity fog, get back up immediately after being blasted across the city, and was the first to recover after being hit with a tornado.

                               War Cry

-A hypersonic War Cry that can intimidate animals and monsters. Can even intimidate Koen Empire War Beasts.

--can also be used for Echolocation


                                 Amol Selseila

-Morgiana's household vessel, born of Amon. Name means "Flame Wings of Iron Chains"
--ties into Morgiana's Phoenix Motif.

-extending chains that Morgiana wears on her legs (formerly on arms) that can burst into flames. She can use it to contain monsters the size of buildings, and burn them to ash.

--can also use it to fly.


<img src="…"

-Very limited supply of magoi

-Relies on physical power too much

-has an inferiority complex.
Alibaba blazes into Death Battle

Name: Alibaba Saluja

Age: 22 (physically) Over 100 (mentally)

Height: 177cm (5'9.5")

Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)

AKA: Wonder Man Alibaba

Series: Magi

Occupation: King's Vessel/Trader/Dungeon Conqueror/Kou Empire's Prime Minister/

First Appearance: Manga Chapter 2 "His Name is Alibaba", anime Episode 1.

Character Theme: "One Step Further"…

Bio: Son of King Rashid Saluja and the palace maid (later prostitute) Anise, Alibaba Saluja is the former third Prince of the Balbadd Kingdom. He spent his early years in the slums, until the death of his mother, where his father sent for him to live and be trained as a Prince in the palace. Alibaba took a liking to the business swordplay parts of the training, but his life was uprooted when he was tricked into revealing the hidden passages of the palace to thieves. He left, and was working as a cart driver when he first met Aladdin. The two captured a dungeon together and teamed up with Morgiana, a Fanalis girl. He is Aladdin's Kings Candidate and a Dungeon Capturer, as well as the deuteragonist of the series.

                                   Natural Abilities.


-Can restrain, judo throw, and oneshot men twice his size with little effort.

-Can even casually OHKO Kou Empire War Beasts, human/animal hybrids much stronger and tougher than humans.


-Can easily dodge and block attacks from trained swordsmen and gladiators, Kou Empire War Beasts, reanimated swordsmen, magi, and magical weapons.

-Speed Blitzed Isaac, a reanimated swordsmen with enhanced speed, twice during their fight.

-Dodged shots from magical guns that shot explosive water at close range.


-Got tackled by an Kou Empire Experiment (an Elephant-Man monster) and continues fighting with little or no damage.

-Took repeated slashes from a Dark Djinn (that had previously knocked Morgiana across the city) and lightning blasts from Judar, and stayed fighting.

-Survived a brutal mauling from Garda, a giant, intelligent ape, and even managed to win

-Got slammed into a wall by Morgiana and not only stayed conscious, he was up and fighting in minutes.

-Survived being hit with a tornado and regained consciousness in minutes.


-given a high level of education possible in the Royal Palace of Balbadd after the king adopted him, and as such knows difficult languages like Torran Language and possesses high knowledge.

-After his time in the Dark Continent he has gained a plethora of knowledge from the Alma Torran magicians of that age

-Outwitted Jafar with ease.

-Defeated Garda with strategy

-Came up with a lie on the fly to trick a king.

-as a kid, dug "innumerable" tunnels across the city on the off chance he needed one.


-Trained in Balbadd Royal Swordplay, Sharkann's style of Swordplay, and Reim Gladiator swordplay.

-Outskilled Jafar with only Royal Swordplay
--Jafar had trained for years in Royal Swordplay.

-Defeated Toto without using Amon's magic

                                   Magoi Manipulation

-Can manipulate his magoi to a limited extent to strengthen his weapons, enhance his damage output or shock his opponent.


-Fire Djinn that Alibaba received after he captured the 7th Dungeon along with Aladdin and Morgiana. Spirit of Politeness and Austerity. Resides in Alibaba's short sword (formerly resided in a knife)
--Can summon and manipulate flames, including flame whips, fire walls, flaming tornadoes and such.

-the sword is completely immune to any type of fire or heat.
--If it is attacked by it, it will completely absorb it and strengthen itself

                                    Djinn Weapon Equip

-Amon's sword: Amon manifests his weapon from Alibaba's short sword, summoned when Alibaba focuses the flames of Amon into his sword and arms. Manifests as a massive, two handed sword and black armor around Alibaba's arms.
--can cut through steel, stone, metal vessels, magical shields, golems too tough for even Morgiana to hurt, and other objects
--can even disintegrate beings that can regenerate, killing them permanently

-Stopped a spear/Sword strong enough to cut a city in half.

-Amon's Royal Sword: Alibaba has also learned the second method of Djinn Weapon Equip where the weapon retains it's original shape using less Magoi and allows him to better use his sword skills and Amon's flame abilities. In this form his attack range is slightly larger so if his sword doesn't hit the opponent the heat produced around the sword is able to slice and enhance the range of the attack.

-Amol Dherrsaiqa (Amon's Roaring Flame Sword): After using the second method of Djinn Weapon Equip Alibaba summons and concentrates a large amount of flames around it. This turns it into a vortex of flames capable of incinerating everything it touches instantly. This can be combined with his Royal Swordplay.

-Amol Berka (Amon's Wall): Alibaba create a wall of flames.

                           Djinn Equipp/Djinn Full Body Equip

-Alibaba and Amon fuse. Alibaba gains flame-like protrusions from his arms and legs, a third eye on his forehead and a naval piercing. While in this mode, Alibaba becomes very powerful, able to cut down three Black Djinn in one slash. All of his previous abilities are increases.
--Can fly faster than Aladdin's turban, blitz Djinn with ease, and absorb even greater amounts of flame

-Amol Al-Bador Saiqa (Flame Minister's Beheading Sword): When this Extreme Magic is summoned, it becomes a huge sword made of fire and a person made of fire which is able to pierce through the hardest objects and barriers. While clashing against Hakuryuu, it shown he improved this ability by transforming the flame warrior into the large phoenix with six wings (three on each side). The power is strong enough to resist against Hakuryuu's Extreme Magic.


                            Time Sense

-gained the ability to alter his own sense of time, making "an instant last eternity".

-Can live a hundred years in a single day.


-Can be unsure and unconfident

-Magoi can run out
--absorbing fire helps him recover his energy and fight for a while longer.

-Can be killed with enough force, even in Full Djinn form.

-If the star on his Metal vessel is damaged, he can't use Amon
--the star itself is very durable

-Doesn't get as much screentime as he should.

The Science Ninja Team BIRD GOes into Death Battle

(All: Bird, Go!!!)
Team Name: Science Ninja Team (Also known as "G-Force" and the "Eagle Riders" in America.)

Members: G1/Ken The Eagle/Gatchaman, G2/Condor Joe, G3/Jun the Swan, G4/Jinpei the Swallow, G5/Ryu the Owl.

First Appearance: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman "Gatchaman vs. Turtle King" 1972.

Theme Song:…, or…

Feats: Defeated countless Galactor mecha-beasts, destroyed countless Galactor bases, have killed more people than you've met, defeated Galactor permanently.

Powers, abilities and shared equipment:

Enhanced Strength: All can lift and throw grown men with ease, kick and punch through wood, send grown men flying with punches and kicks.  Ryu, the physical strongest,can stop horses mid-charge, pull said horses down down and lift boulders and cars. Can use G energy to increase their strength (If not composite, ignore G-energy strength boost)

Enhanced speed:

Dodge bullets at close range, can speedblitz trained soldiers.  Dodge automatic gunfire from multiple sources. Can react to explosions and dodge projectiles and thrown weapons. Can even react to missiles. Can use G-energy for even faster speeds (If not composite, ignore G energy speed boost)

Enhanced durability:

Suits protect from bullets and knives, survived explosions that bust buildings and bases, can withstand massive amounts of pressure and heat, such as from their Firebird technique. Can hold their breath for three minutes.

Enhanced Agility:

Can jump huge distances into the air, including clearing the tops of houses and trees. Also extremely acrobatic, able to perform flips and other acrobatics in the air.

Bird Flight: Can "fly" (actually glide but for so long, it looks like true flight) in bird style. Also has true flight using G energy (if not composite, remove True Flight)

Bird Run: Allows for ninja Techniques such as running on walls and water.

Tactile Gravity Control: Can use G-stone energy to manipulate gravity on anything they touch (ignore if not composite)

G-Bracelet: Multipurpose Transformation tool. Transforms the heroes into their Bird Style uniforms. Also has communication device called the Bird Scramble and can provide short-range space travel when connected through their sources of Fermium 257. Gains energy from the G-mechs (the personal vehicles) Can also be powered by G-stone energy (ignore G-stone energy if not composite.)

                 Gatchaman/Ken the Eagle

(Ken: Oh evil, can't you see? The formless white shadow, me?)

Real Name: Ken Washio

Age: 18 (20 at the end of the original trilogy)

Height: 180cm

Weight: 60kg

Occupation: Test pilot/delivery man

Team job: Leader and Tactical Expert.

Fighting Style: Eagle style. Flashy and acrobatic style. Liberally uses spin kicks, karate chops,  and quick jabs. Often makes loud "kiai" yells when fighting.



A boomerang with a rocket propelled tail. The original weapon of Ken. Can also have the blades extended by chains to be used as a nunchuck-like weapon

Bird Saucer:

A collapsible bladed discus that replaced the Birdrang.

Bird Fencer:

A sword that Ken replaced the Bird saucer with. While a normal collapsible sword in default mode, it can be powered up by the Gatchaspartan's Delta Energy, turning it into a electrified beam sword that wields 200,000 kW of power capable of slicing through solid steel.

"G stone" Bird Fencer: A Fencing sword seen in the Live Action Movie. Has energy properties and can disintegrate Galactor fighters with ease (ignore if not composite)

"G Stone" Birdrang: Birdrang empowered by G stone energy (ignore if not composite)

Shock Gun: A multipurpose blaster equipped with a variety of ammo for specific tasks such as a grenade launcher for demolition or a stun blast for infiltration missions.

Personal Vehicles:

G1: Jet pilot that can fly up to Mach 4. Docks into the tail of the God Phoenix. Has twin heat rays.

Eagle Sharp: Ken's fighter jet. Docks into the New God Phoenix  the same way G-1 did the original.

Gatcha One: Red and White Jet. Armed with lasers and twin missile launchers. It is one of the five vehicles used to combine into the Gatchaspartan and the primary vehicle used in the Hypershoot attack maneuver. When combining, the Gatcha One forms the front of the ship

                             Condor Joe

(Joe: Science Ninja Team G-2!)

Real name: George "Joe" Asakura

Age: 18 (20 at the end of the original trilogy)

Height: 185cm

Weight: 60kg

Occupation: Race Car Driver

Team Job: Marksman/weapons expert/second in command

Fighting Style: Condor Style. Brutal and dirty strikes, complimented by agility and his use of his weaponry. Favors heavier knockout blows and knee strikes to Ken's quick jabs.  


Feather Shuriken:

A white feather dart with a razor sharp tip. Joe often holds them in his mouth, for intimidation points.

Upgraded Feather Shuriken:

upgraded version of his shurikens with metal bladed tips that had rocket propulsion and could release concentrated knockout gas

"G-Stone" Feather shuriken: Feather shurikens amped by G-stone energy that can explode or disintegrate Galactor fighters (ignore if not composite)

Grappling guns: Guns that shoot bullets, or can be switched out to shoot grappling hooks or claws. Also has laser and drill attachments.

Shock Gun: A multipurpose blaster equipped with a variety of ammo for specific tasks such as a grenade launcher for demolition or a stun blast for infiltration missions.

Personal Vehicles:

G-2 The Condor Machine:  high speed race car based on a 1970's Nissan Skyline when it's in civilian mode.The Condor Machine has a 16mm Gatling gun as its main weapon as well as armoured bulletproof shielding & incredible speed has the shape of a 1970's racing car (long and low with large tires) Maximum Speedof 1000km/h

Condor Attacker: A  high performance race car. Armed with a Type 2 Bird Missile and equipment for subterranean missions. The Condor Attacker also had a hover mode for traveling on water and rough terrain.

Gatcha Two:  A blue and white racecar armed with a gatling gun on the front, a concealed Bird Missile launcher and equipped with flight capability. The car is one of the five mechas that form the Gatchaspartan, forming the vertical stabilizer of the ship.  


                                Jun The Swan

(Jun: Science Ninja Team G-3!)

Real Name: Jun (last name unknown)

Age: 16 (18 at the end of the original series)

Height: 160cm

Weight: 45kg.

Occupation: Manager/owner of GoGo Café.

Team Job: Electronics and demolitions expert

Fighting style: Swan Style. Utilizes High kicks and open hand strikes. Also seems to prefer flail weapons and bombs.



A reinforced yo-yo that Jun uses. Can be used as a whip or a flail. Also has explosive variants.

Aura Ribbon:

A gymnastics ribbon made of unknown materials. Can be used as a whip or grappling rope.


A bracelet that fires lasers and energy nets.

"G stone" Bird Fencer: A Fencing sword seen in the Live Action Movie. Has energy properties and can disintegrate Galactor fighters with ease.  (ignore if not composite) 

"G-stone" Yo yo: Jun's yo yo powered by G-stone Energy. (ignore if not composite)

Shoe Bomb: Bomb hidden in the high heel of her shoes

Personal Vehicles


a high performance motorcycle that can transform into a hover-cycle that can travel on water like a jetski or fly short distances. equipped with twin rocket launchers.Maximum Land Speed: 700km/h and a Maximum Water Speed: 200km/h

Auto Swan:

a fast and powerful motorcycle equipped with twin missile launchers and rocket boosters

Gatcha Three:

A green and white jet vehicle with rotary fans inside the wings. Armed with laser cannons and missile launchers. It is one of the five mechas used to form the Gatchaspartan, forming part of the wings and the midsection of the ship.

                    Jinpei the Swallow

(Jinpei: Science Ninja Team G-4!)
Real Name: Jinpei (Last name unknown, though he claims he's the last descendant of the Iga Ninjas)

Age: 11 (13 at the end of the original trilogy)

Height: 120cm


Occupation: Student, presumably.

Team Job: Reconnaissance expert/hacker

Fighting style: Swallow style. Focuses on stealth and incapacitating enemies via speed and misdirection.


Bolas: Bolas used to restrain, choke, or incapacitate enemies. Also has exploding bolas.

Rebound ball:

A super-ball projectile that is thrown from a shovel-like mitt attached to his left hand.

Swallow Top:

a weighted top attached to a yo-yo that acts as a flail.

"G-stone" balls: Balls empowered by G-stone energy. (ignore if not composite)

Personal Transport:


also called the Helico-Buggy.An amphibious armored buggy. can  sprout helicopter blades and jet thrusters for flight. also capable of being driven underwater where it covers the pilot area with durable glass that prevents water from coming in.The mouth-like front contains a vast amount of equipment such as rotating saws and a drill, it also serves as the entrance of the vehicle.outfitted with a bomb that can be launched at foes.


Swallow Helico: A small VTOL aircraft used for recon

Gatcha Four:

A large black and white land vehicle. One of the five vehicles that form the Gatchaspartan, it forms the central body of the ship.

                          Ryu the Owl

(Ryu: Science Ninja Team G-5!)

Age: 17 (19 at the end of the original series)

Height: 170cm

Weight: 80kg

Occupation: Yacht Harbor Manager

Team Job: Pilot

Fighting Style: Owl style, relying on Brute force (and seeing as the guy can lift cars and punch people 30ft into the air, he has force to spare). Often fight with hard punches, headbutts, and sumo style attacks and throws


Harpoon Gun: A small spear gun that Ryu uses in case his fists are not enough to defeat an enemy.

Gripper: A green elastic rubber rope coated with some unknown form of adhesive. used for incapacitating an enemy

Owl Sickle:

A metal kusarigama with a weight on the end used for melee attacks.


G5: Main body of the God Phoenix, see below for details.

Horned Tank:

An armored amphibious tank equipped with missile turrets, guns and submarine propellers in the rear for undersea travel.

Gatcha Five:

A yellow and white bulldozer mech with two clawed robot arms and rockets for flight. Armed with lasers and two missile launchers hidden behind the bumper. One of the five mechas that form the Gatchaspartan, it becomes the main engine,rear wheels,and rear wings of the ship.

                 Science Ninja Techniques

Bird Flash: Releases a blinding light to disorient foes.

Tornado Fighter: By utilizing the power of subspace within the G-Buckle to create an energy field, two or more wearers of the Bird Style can create a large towering whirlwind that can move at mach 5 speeds. The resulting tower can destroy the surrounding area.


                    God Phoenix

- large red and blue jet with the G-5 unit on top shown by its identification number on its wings. aircraft carriers with twin afterburners in the rear and VTOL thrusters for maneuvering. On the top of the vehicle and near the center is a retractable dome that the Science Ninja Team can enter or exit from. Inside the cockpit is a navigation system as well as a monitor that shows images from a camera mounted on the outside. It can also be disguised as a large transport vehicle and is able to hold 200 people on board.

-Maximum Speed: Mach 5 (in air), 40 knots (underwater)

-Heat Resistant Temperature: 3000 degrees Celsius

-Highest Pressure Resistance: 200 ATM (in air), 2500 meters (underwater)

-Engine: Hybrid Jet and Rocket

-Bird Missile: The main offensive weapon of the God Phoenix, said to be able to level a city. The ship can house more than 30 of these missiles.
--Super Bird Missile: A strengthened version of the Bird Missile made to penetrate the armor of Galactor ships. It includes a timed fuse that explodes when the timer ends.

-Science Ninja Technique: Firebird : A special move that has the God Phoenix move at a very high speed with the exterior burning up as it moves through the atmosphere in the form of a giant bird. The Science Ninja Team has to be held down from the immense speed that is able to penetrate through Galactor's monsters. Use of the Firebird however is a double-edged sword as the God Phoenix could break apart.
--Firebird:Shadow Seperation: The Firebird disengages all five units to create five separate Firebirds to strike multiple opponents or strike a single opponent from multiple angles 

                             New God Phoenix

-the successor to the God Phoenix equipped for travelling into space as well as underwater and has hangar bays inside it for the team's vehicles.

-Top Speed: Mach 8.5 (Airspeed)

-60 knots (Underwater)

-2 Rocket engines

-Comes equipped with upgraded bird missiles, magnetic missiles and 4 50mm Vulcan guns.

-Able to perform the Firebird technique and Firebird: Shadow Separation


-high Speed aircraft that is formed by combining the five Gatcha vehicles.

-Top Air speed: Mach 5

-Top nautical speed: 60 knots

-Weaponry includes Victory missiles (an upgrade to the Bird missiles), 2 33mm Vulcan cannons, and a Vulcan laser.

-Hypershoot: A maneuver where the ship charges Delta Power into the Gatcha One vehicle and launches it towards the enemy mech with Ken riding on top of it, wielding the Gatchaman Fencer sword. Ken then uses the Gatchaman Fencer to cleave the giant enemy mech, then ram into it with the Gatchaspartan and slice it from the inside. One of the drawbacks of this weapon in all its forms is that the Delta Energy radiation it emits from the Gatchaman Fencer is slowly killing Ken from exposure. The energy this attack produces is equivalent to 2,000,000 kW of electricity.

-Science Ninja Technique: Hypershoot: An enhanced version of the Hypershoot, Ken rides on top of the Gatchaspartan and the upgraded Delta Power generators create a rainbow colored energy field around the ship. The entire ship becomes a wedge shaped battering ram which destroys Galactor Iron Beasts. This attack puts tremendous strain on the entire team as they feel the effects of the energy surge.

-Ultra Hypershoot: The strongest version of the Hypershoot. The Delta Power generators go to maximum output and surround the ship and Ken in a bright white aura. This attack is used to penetrate Iron Beast barriers and shields. It also protects Ken from the vacuum of space when engaging an enemy off-planet. The effects of this attack's energy stay with Ken for a short period of time and leaves him in a weakened state afterwards.


-Firebird technique can break up the New God/God Phoenix.

-Hypershoot is slowly poisoning Ken.

-Can't use Science Ninja Techniques out of Bird Style.

-Can't use their best techniques unless all five vehicles are in the carriers.

(Ken:Sometimes one, sometimes five; the white shadow that moves unseen! Science Ninja Team Gatchaman!!)



United States
Current Residence: USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 18 large
Favourite genre of music: Hip-Hop and Rap
Favourite style of art: drawing
Favourite cartoon character: Jio Freed
Personal Quote: God can keepp heaven, the Devil can have Hell, but Earth is mine!
Because of personal problems in my real world, including a MASSIVE depression episode and family problems, I'll be taking a while off from Death battles.

If anyone wants to adopt some of my planned episodes, comment below or shoot me a note. I'll gladly hand over my research and conclusions.

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